Clouds Hank (Midnight)

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Clouds Hank (Midnight) 

A cotton canvas hank with a clouds pattern. Backing includes lens grade microfiber for delicate surfaces such as glasses, cell-phone screens and camera lenses. Standard and Tag Hank options available. 


Hank Styles 

Standard Hank - Offers a robust profile with a three layer construction (Front, Middle, and Microfiber backing). Decorative stitching, and the Awesome Hank standard grommet +  the classic lanyard /bead combo. Perfect for heavy use, pocket carry and easy deployment. 

Tag Hank - Offers a slim profile with a two layer construction (Front, and Microfiber backing). Straight stitching, and an Awesome Hank sewn on tag. The slim profile makes this a great option for pouch and wallet carry.  Note – Tag Hanks do not come with tracked shipping unless paired with another item (or a 2nd tag hank). 


Dimensions: 5.5 in x 5 in (Approx.) 

Forepart: midnight clouds canvas pattern

Backing: lens grade microfiber 

Lanyard (if selected): brown faux lanyard + standard bead


* Hanks are handmade, size and pattern might vary slightly. 

* Care instructions: Hand wash only "No Detergents", air dry


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